Project Overview


Cultural diversity / Open data / Sweden National Day / The Internet Infrastructure Foundation / Vinnova / Open Dataweek

EAT MEET WORK PLAY was a daylong hackathon that brought people with different perspectives together to collaborate in inter-disciplinary teams to solve different challenges on the theme of cultural diversity and open data in Sweden today.

The theme was based on the fact that The Stockholm county is growing and diversity is increasing. Today people born in 194 different countries lives here. Of the total number of 2.2 million inhabitants, 23 percent (505 538 people) were born outside of Sweden.

By selecting four different challenges that had a close impact to all participants lives EAT – MEET – WORK – PLAY we provoked discussions and focused the participants minds on how to harness data, technology and storytelling to create new pioneering solutions.

They used their unique experience, intelligence and imagination to co-create ideas and prototypes. These ideas and prototypes evolved to apps, experiences and services.

We thought it was time to stop talking and start hacking.

On Swedens´s National Day 6th of June 2015, we EAT,  MEET, WORK and PLAY together to help tackle these challenges.


Stop talking. Start hacking.

The hackathon was a co-hosted by The Internet Infrastructure Foundation, Vinnova and Nordic Open Dataweek