Project Overview

Health Hack Academy – Hacking solutions for mental health issues among teenagers (yearly)

Health Hack Academy / Mental health / Cross-Boundary Collaboration / Stockholm Science City Foundation

LIFE-LAB was co-producer together with Andreas Namslauer from Stockholm Science City Foundation on a hack that focused on mental issues among teenagers.

This time Health Hack Academy teamed up with Gustavsberg vårdcentral, a primary care centre just outside Stockholm that is determined to be the best at treating mental illness. They arranged so that all teams had one experienced psychologist in their team.

SKL (Swedish Association of Local Authorities and Regions) was another partner that supported that the ideas from the hackathon will be spread in local authorities and regions.

The organisation “Hjärnkoll” secured that we had the target group in the teams.

After some evaluation time after the hack “Uppdrag Psykisk Hälsa” at SKL financed a testing and prototyping phase for one of the ideas from the hackathon.

Keynote speaker was Sofie Hallberg & Ida Höckerstrand from Ångestpodden. The venue partner was H2 health hub.