Project Overview


Health Hack Academy / Think tank / Cross-Boundary Collaboration / IOT for health / Stockholm Science City Foundation

Clients: Health Hack Academy 2015 is organized by Stockholm Science City Foundation together with Red Dot Award winning design company: Veryday and the leading European organisation for Innovation and Education in the field of Information and Communication Technologies: EIT Digital

Health Hack Academy is a collaborative think tank for corporations, entrepreneurs, developers, researchers, designers, students, patients, health care professionals, caregivers and others who are looking to transform the future of health care. HHA’s goal is to support and accelerate the creation of digital health startups, with finalists showcased at Stockholm’s Digital │ Health Days 2015 conference.

More than just a 48-hour hackathon, Health Hack Academy (HHA) is a program that takes the participants idea generation to the stage of a global conference.

Health Hack Academy september 12-13, 2015  was all about exploring the possibilities of IoT for Health. It was about personal health and personalized health care. It was about building new tools that by being both physical and digital could enable new ways of staying healthy and independent.

The challenges was:

1. Create tools that help us all live a healthier lives.

2. Create tools for reahab that help people to get back on track faster.

3. Create tools to help people with chronic diseases to increase quality of life.

An expert jury selected one team from each challenge that they thought had the greatest business potential. These teams where offered business support from STING, Frogleap Accelerator and Forward Technologies; prototyping support from Veryday, and an inspiring marketing workshop with Raw Agency plus delegate passes and the chance to present at Digital Health Days.

They also selected the team with ”the boldest idea” as well as the solution that provided the greatest benefit to society. These teams won prototyping support from Veryday and delegate passes with the chance to present at Digital Health Days.

The jury was:
Anders Mellbratt, IoT Expert & Designer of Connected Products at Ziggy Creative Colony
Olof Berglund, Business Coach at STING
Maja Brisvall, Co-founder & Executive Director of Quantified Planet
Lennart Andersson, Director of Interaction Design & Partner at Veryday
Anna Blohm, Head of IS/IT at Praktikertjänst