Project Overview

MEDIA – Freedom of Speech

Media / Freedom of speech / Cross-Boundary Collaboration / KTH Innovation

LIFE-LAB was the responsible producer for Media Hackathon at KTH, Nymble 13 Feb – 14 Feb 2017.

Client: KTH Innovation

Background: The media industry is undergoing major changes: content packaging, media distribution, mobile advertising, data science, business models and media value chain have recently been influenced by new players and new technologies. However there is a large unexplored area surrounding the narrative itself – storytelling – which remains unaffected by new technologies.

Goal: Collaborate in order to define problems and contribute to build solutions to improve Freedom of Speech. By combining KTH Royal Institute of Technology, Södertörn University and Stockholm University students from varied backgrounds with staff from Bonnier, Swedish Radio, Schibsted, UR, entrepreneurs and other invited participants.


1. The search for true stories

Every story has multiple sides, moreover technology enhancements have changed consumers into producers and exposed us to challenging perspectives. How can we create tools and services that allow crowdsourcing while filtering out untrue and false stories?

2. Safe to express myself

People should not be in danger based on their recording a happening. Youth today are subjected to intense cyber bullying for expressing their views. Can we invent tools and technology to protect all citizens right of expression without retaliation?

KTH Innovation, KTH Royal Institute of Technology, Södertörn University,  Stockholm University, Bonnier, Swedish Radio, Schibsted, UR, Vinnova
Lisa Eriksson, CEO, KTH Innovation
Peter Wolodarski, Chief Editor, DN
Cilla Benkö, CEO, Swedish Radio
Markus Gustafsson, Founder/Editor in Chief, Omni
Christel Tholse Willers, CEO, UR