Project Overview


Prototype change / ICT for children / Social Impact / Community / Reach for Change

Client: Reach for Change

Partners: Protothon, Kids Hack Day

Bringing together great minds and big hearts!

We invited tech wizards, students, telecom experts and social entrepreneurs from Senegal, Sweden, Rwanda, Tanzania, Chad, DR Congo and Ghana. The Hack participants formed 8 teams, each of them working to come up with an idea of how ICT can be used to address a specific challenge for children. The challenges where brought by social entrepreneurs from the different countries and included scenarios as:

Girls in Tanzania between the ages 10-18 are not given opportunities to learn about programming and technology in schools.  As a result, they miss out on a lot of opportunities to create things that can give them a meaningful future. It also means that they receive fewer opportunities to invent solutions that can have an impact on their society.

Task: Create a solution for this within 48 hours. On the 22nd of November, eight teams presented prototype solutions to address the challenges. The uncovering was an inspiring expose of tech solutions that solved pressing issues for children around the world.

But this is not where it all ended – rather it was the starting point for further discussions, potential collaborations – tech people and grass root idealists, social sector and corporates, Sweden and Africa– to solve pressing issues for children all over the world.