Project Overview


Innovation / Re:Invent Milk / Cross-Boundary Collaboration / The Federation of Swedish Farmers

LIFE-LAB was a co-producer for Another Tomorrow of the Re:Invent Milk hack that took place on May 27th, 2016 on the initiative of The Federation of Swedish Farmers – Milk. It was organized in order to discuss and innovate around the milk’s role in society – from the dairy cow to the glass – from the perspective of climate, sustainability and nutrition. Awards was given to Hi-Index the “most environmentally friendly idea” and Milker the “most inspirational idea”.


A plugin to integrate at different sites, an open API, where food is measured by its impact on the climate and nutrient, based on the measure “climate calories” developed by researchers at the LRF Milk. Consumers can thus make climate-friendly choices both when buying raw materials as well as when they check on prescription. Hi-Index will contain the list of our most common foods and is open to all sites to implement free (everything from grocery stores to recipe sites and blogs).

Team: Kajsa Hasselqvist, Lennart E Bengtsson, Maria Sitell, Åse Lundh.


A sharing app to counteract the dairy and food waste where users can post food and drink they have at home and they will not have time to consume before the expiration date. For example, you can add a milk carton that someone in your environment (eg neighbors) are welcome to pick up free of charge. This will reduce food wastage and take better care of the food already produced in order to reduce climate impact.

Team: Anna Wahlstrand, Ayhan Aydin, Peter Larsdotter, Jean-Baptiste Rubwebwe.

During the hackathon event climate and nutrition experts, designers, teachers, programmers, food techies, dairy farmers and school staff spent a day together to develop concepts and ideas for sustainable Swedish milk in the future.

The hackathon was a co-production between Fågelstedt Kommunikation, Another Tomorrow and Hyvää Kommunikation.